It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, you are going to have to establish a relationship with your customers, and there is little doubt that this relationship will affect how successful your business is, both short-term and long-term.

Thanks to technology, there are customer relationship management (CRM) tools to help make sure that your business is more efficient and productive than ever, and that none of your customers “fall off your radar”.


Here are the top 10 ways a CRM makes your waste management business more efficient

Understand Your Customers Better

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are — if you purchase products or services, you are hoping for a positive customer experience. There is also a good chance that if you feel misunderstood, under-appreciated, or taken advantage of that you will reevaluate your relationship with said business. A CRM helps you to understand your customer – what their current stats is and what business they’ve done with you in the past. Armed with this information you’re better able to service them, and understand what you need to do to keep them loyal.


Better Communication

We have all had situations where our calls were transferred, or we spoke to a different customer representative than before. It can be frustrating having to “start over” and explain your issues and/or concerns yet again. Customer communication is one of the benefits of a CRM. A cloud-based platform enables whoever is working with the client to access customer history information providing better communication overall.



It might sound straightforward to place an order with a company, but the truth is that there is a lot of work completed behind the scenes. A CRM that enables and automates much of the sales process – recording service requests, tracking of job progress, automating document generation, online invoicing and payment – gives your sales and operation team a major advantage over manual processes.. A study by Capgemini Research Institute recently concluded that automation might help various companies save as much as $165 billion by 2022.


More Data

You don’t even have to be in the tech or business world to be familiar with the concept or buzzword of “Big Data”. We all know that there is more data being created and collected than ever, and that data can be used to make certain conclusions and examine certain trends. Businesses are interested in Big Data because it is essential to gaining market share, and the right CRM tool and the reports it can generate helps to understand customer history, tendencies, and possible preferences. It is easy to see how this ultimately can lead to more revenue.


Better Service

It’s easy to see how a business with less than exceptional customer service can lose customers, even if there is a loyal consumer base that appreciates what the company has to offer. It might be that they do not train their customer representatives well, or that they did not hire enough staff to meet their demands. Either way, CRM tools can help connect the right customer managers or account managers to the right clients to make sure that service is as seamless as possible. This better service is essential to a good brand reputation.


Time and speed

CRM tools help to save a lot of time and speed up many stages of the customer journey, By having all customer data centralized and immediate. The fact that individual employees are authorized for certain devices, but the data is centralized – can ensure that needs are understood and met faster. No one wants to take forever to help make the customer happy, and the CRM tool helps in terms of speed.


Employee Satisfaction

We all think of “customers” or “clients” when we talk about CRM, but consider that you are empowering your employees when you utilize CRM tools, as well. Many companies do not take the time to give their employees the knowledge or tools needed to succeed. Thanks to CRM, your employees can feel more autonomous and have access to the education that they need to have, which might improve overall employee morale. It’s easy to see how happy employees lead to more business, and CRM can help boost employee satisfaction.


More Profits

There’s an obvious benefit to your customers being happier than ever, and the fact that you understand their needs more than ever – you might be able to sell them on more products and services. Of course, this means more revenue and profits for your company. While every customer might not be interested in every service, the truth is that an empowered staff and satisfied customers can easily lead to more long-term relationships and more profits.



A CRM system can also help new employees understand how your company works, and how clients respond to your products/services. This might be essential when it comes to understanding more about the company and what customers need/want, which can lead to an improved way to train human employees. In this way, your company is not only utilizing CRM to automate specific tasks, but it is also using a CRM system to figure out how to help human employees help your customers, as well. Organizations should also realize that training is an ongoing process as technology evolves, as well.


Client Attrition

One of the most critical metrics in business is client attrition, which is basically finding out the turnover rate of your customers. Do they deal with your company once before deciding that there is a better option? This is obviously not a good sign. Do a vast majority of customers choose to stick with you after that one experience? This is obviously a good sign. There is an issue that arises when customers have a terrible experience with a company, as an estimated $83 billion lost annually to poor customer experiences and customer attrition alone. CRM tools can help you maintain clients, which also means that your company can maintain profit targets and goals.


Overall Savings

There are many organizations that might believe that CRM is too expensive for their organization, but when you consider the ways that staff can collaborate without having to travel from city to city or the ways in which you will retain clients that you otherwise couldn’t have retained – it becomes clear that CRM saves them money. One of the reasons that companies use CRM tools more than ever is because it simultaneously increases profits while saving organizations money all around the world.


A CRM Developed Specifically for Waste Management Companies

There is now a high quality cloud-based CRM system that has been developed specifically for the exact needs and workflow of waste management and environmental service companies. This robust CRM is called the PegEx Platform and you can learn more about it and get a free demo by clicking here.

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