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Director of Marketing

PegEx®, Inc. solves the e-Manifest problem with latest update to their waste management software; the PegEx® Platform

Madison, Wisconsin – October 21, 2019 – Today, PegEx®, Inc. announced an update to their waste management SaaS platform that leads the way in solving the e-Manifest problem the waste industry has been experiencing.

The EPA just announced a major price hike for submitting a paper manifest by raising the price from $15 to $25. This was done in an attempt to force waste generators to switch to e-Manifest, which costs only $8 per submission.

The problem that has everyone up in arms is that trying to use the EPA’s RCRAInfo e-Manifest system can be a slow, tedious, and frustrating process. It is not a user-friendly system.

The PegEx Platform enables a 2-way connection with EPA RCRAInfo Portal

PegEx has solved the e-Manifest problem by creating software that makes it fast and easy to create and submit e-Manifests directly to the EPA’s RCRAInfo Portal. The software also makes it easy to print EPA and DOT approved paper copies of a manifest using a normal printer, if you need those for the transport driver for instance.

“Our main goal is to help our customers move from a paper-based workflow to a digital workflow, transforming their business to be more streamlined and efficient. Our e-Manifest technology is just one part of that process. If you want to go all digital, and save a lot of money, we have you covered. But if you still need paper copies, it’s easy to create and print a PDF. If you are still stuck in the dot-matrix world, we have a solution for that as well,” said Jason Konen, VP of Product Development for PegEx. “We automate much of the process of filling out the manifest plus we provide two-way communications with the EPA RCRAInfo Portal. Submitting your manifest electronically is as easy as a click of a button.”

By helping customers switch from paper manifests to the e-Manifest system, PegEx is saving customers hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars each year.


About PEGEX®
PegEx®, Inc. is a rapidly growing, technology-enabled solutions provider that delivers knowledge, safety, and efficiency to the waste industry via its advanced cloud-based software. The PEGEX® PLATFORM provides a set of productivity modules that accelerate the process of transporting, tracking, and disposing of hazardous waste, with compliance every step of the way. The platform taps extensive rules and data, unique to the waste industry, to enable real-time business and operating decisions. Learn more at www.pegex.com.

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