Gain a competitive advantage over your competition with PegEx®

Take your business to the next level with the PegEx® Platform. Our advanced, cloud-based software will improve your productivity, eliminate risks, and increase revenues across your waste management business.

Optimize Operational Efficiencies

Avoid human error by streamlining the sales-to-operations information hand-off

  • Streamline communication to fulfill one-time and recurring sales orders
  • Quickly track the entire service life cycle in real-time
  • View, at-a-glance, all business-critical information
  • Automate and digitize the creation of all internal and regulatory documents

Spend less time digging through file folders with instant, digital access to all critical documentation

  • Instantly and securely access all critical documents: SDS, waste profiles, manifests, EPA ID number, applications, permits, quotes, licenses, contracts, work orders, certificate of destruction, and proof of destruction videos, and much more
  • Efficiently organize all data for Biennial EPA report creation
  • Securely store the documents you need for an EPA audit
  • Track the entire service life cycle in real-time

Mitigate Organizational Risk

Ensure projects are done safely and within compliance

  • Avoid penalties by completing the appropriate regulatory document at the right step
  • Improve employee visibility and accountability on all processes and activities
  • Provide quick access to the right documentation, like Emergency Action Plans and SDSs

Prevent non-compliant profiles by documenting waste characterization, analytical data, disposal approvals, and certification dates by TSDF

  • Automate the creation of waste profiles
  • Quickly build common waste stream templates to eliminate redundant data entry
  • House analytical and approval data that is critical to compliance securely in the cloud
  • Produce downloadable and printable PDFs of critical documents

Fulfill EPA and State requirements by automating Manifest creation for digital submission or printing

  • Automate Manifest creation
  • Save time and money by directly submitting e-Manifest to the EPA RCRAInfo Portal
  • Print a manifest hard copy if required by a transporter

Uphold your responsibility for accurate regulatory reporting

  • Securely store all data needed for federal and state reporting in the cloud
  • Eliminate wasted time by conveniently accessing required data for regulatory reporting

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Achieve growth objectives by avoiding revenue leakage from the sales pipeline

  • Control your business with real-time updates of all business-critical functions
  • Improve forecasting by viewing all sales opportunities by stage and status
  • Efficiently manage the sales team with pipeline and leaderboard reports
  • Track job status updates in real-time

Boost profitability by adding speed and standardization to customer proposals

  • Accelerate the creation of price quotes
  • Quickly generate your quote documents
  • Beat your competition to win the job

Upgrade the customer experience by empowering customers with online self-service capabilities via the customer portal. Your customers can:

  • Quickly order new services
  • Track job progress
  • Improve customer visibility by sharing business-critical and regulatory documents
  • Save time by viewing and paying invoices securely online
  • Streamline communications directly with account managers

Capture Institutional Knowledge

Improve cross-team efficiency with easy access to data on leads, customers, and vendors

  • Access all prospect, customer, and vendor data in one secure place
  • Coordinate and streamline all touch points with your customers
  • Improve customer management
  • Improve customer relationships

Enhance service with advanced waste stream information management

  • Streamline the creation of waste stream documentation
  • Attach all required technical data, safety data sheets, and profiles to the waste stream
  • Reuse waste streams in future work orders without having to re-key all the data
  • Automatically import the latest SDS every time you reuse the waste stream
  • Report on what types of waste you’re working with

Enable Employee Success

Break down silos and reduce redundancy by transferring data to/from the PegEx Platform for a best-in-class technology stack

  • Integrate with your best-in-class tech stack to share data with your accounting platform and other popular business applications
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and reduce human errors

Empower employees by providing them with access to essential business information from any location on any device at any time

  • Access critical business data anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device
  • Conduct business in the cloud where there is no software to install or servers to maintain

Leverage Industry Experience

Rely on software developed by technology and waste industry experts

  • Designed to focus on the specific workflows and needs of waste management companies
  • We bring over 130 years of combined experience in the waste industry to the design and development of our software
  • Our expertise speeds up time-to-value. We intimately know your business 

Specifically designed for the waste industry

  • Access critical business data anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device
  • Conduct business in the cloud where there is no software to install or servers to maintain