PegEx Platform
Hazardous Waste Software FAQ

Does your platform provide the ability to produce a waste profile?

Yes, with the PegEx Platform you can create a waste profile for any TSDF that you need to utilize with the data that’s already being collected and stored in our system. First, you’ll input the waste characteristics one time for your generator’s waste from SDS, Analytical, or Generator Knowledge. Then, we’ll apply it to whatever facility’s profile you need for servicing waste.

Does your platform provide the ability to generate a hazardous waste manifest?

Yes, with the PegEx Platform we’ll provide you all the data points you need to seamlessly generate your hazardous or non-hazardous waste manifest. And, from easily producing your DOT Shipping Description to applying all the appropriate EPA IDs, we’ve got you covered for all of your manifest needs. Finally, once the job is complete, you can upload the e-Manifest directly from the Platform to the EPA RCRAInfo Portal saving money with every manifest you create.

Will I be able to print my manifest via a Dot Matrix printer?

Yes, we’ll provide you a printer friendly version of the manifest data that will output to the manifest form on your dot matrix printer setup. But, you don’t specifically need a Dot Matrix printer. In fact, you can easily print the PDF the Manifest Builder creates to any standard printer.

Will I be able to submit my manifest data to the EPA’s e-Manifest system?

Yes, PegEx is integrated with the RCRAInfo Portal to submit your manifest information directly to the EPA and get new data back concerning any manifests associated with your organization.

Am I able to track my facility’s waste inventory with PegEx?

PegEx provides waste inventory tracking today in the platform. Ultimately, we enable you to track waste inventory as it relates to jobs/work orders based on your workflows. And, we will work with you to set that up during enablement.

Will I be able to generate regulatory reports using PegEx?

Yes, a PegEx Customer Success Manager will work with you to understand the regulatory reports that you’re required to have. Then, ensure that the data is being housed in PegEx and input as a part of your normal workflows within the system. From there, we’ll be able to provide you with access to these reports as you need them.

Can I enter my lab analytical data into PegEx?

Yes, Waste Streams in PegEx contain areas for capturing analytical data about the waste within the Waste Characteristics section. Moreover, once this data is input it can then be used as needed throughout the workflow that your users employ within the system.

Can my employees access the data they need while in the field?

Yes, anytime and anywhere. Actually, PegEx is a cloud-based platform and can be accessed by any device that has an internet connection, including smartphones and tablets.

Does PegEx allow me to store pricing and costs for the services I provide?

Yes, you can store your customer’s pricing for the different waste streams and services you provide for them at the account level within PegEx.

Am I able to collaborate with my customers on projects?

Yes, PegEx offers a Customer Portal which allows you to share data and documents with your customers. Also, you will be able to give them the ability to pay bills online, as well as request new services from the portal. As a result, these service requests are submitted directly into the PegEx Platform. This  allows for a seamless flow of data.

Can I connect PegEx to 3rd party systems?

Yes, PegEx is built with an open API (application program interface) architecture. This means that we can integrate with 3rd party systems that are able to interface with our API. For example, accounting systems or CRM platforms.

Will I need to adapt my internal business processes to fit with the PegEx workflow?

No, you do not need to conform your processes to PegEx. Unlike other platforms that lack flexibility and require you to fit your workflows within their platform, the PegEx Platform fits within your current and future workflows. During your enablement period, we’ll work with you to understand your business and the workflows that you need to get stuff done. We’ll then configure our platform to align with your business process.

Am I able to download the PegEx software to my computer?

Most importantly, there is no need to download or install any software or install any new hardware. In fact, PegEx operates as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform via cloud computing. And, the platform is hosted in the cloud and our development team is continuously deploying new functionality to the platform. As a result, you’ll always have the latest and greatest version that PegEx has to offer.

What is the support model?

With PegEx you’ll have a dedicated Enablement and Customer Success Team. They are dedicated to your success by seamlessly onboarding your company. Additionally, ensuring ongoing platform optimization and maximizing the usage for your employees.