When you started your waste management business and it had relatively few accounts, it was easy to interact with your customers personally and react quickly to their individual needs and concerns. But as your business grows and you have hundreds or even thousands of customers, your ability to interact individually with each becomes nearly impossible, and your smile, handshake, and personal touch becomes a diminishing asset.


You’re not alone.

Many waste management companies that transport and/or dispose of waste were founded by entrepreneurs just like you who leveraged their operational knowledge and experience concerning waste management. Systematized “customer relations” was not in their wheelhouse.

Today successful waste management and environmental services companies find that their rate of growth is capped by their limited customer relationship capabilities. Or put another way: their outdated customer relationship practices aren’t doing justice to the quality of service they’re able to provide, so new sales are lost, legacy customers defect to your competitors, and your business growth stalls or even declines.


The days of paper-and-pencil customer relationship management are over.

If your waste management company is still using a manual paper and pencil process to enter and track customer service requests, or an old DOS-based system, then you undoubtedly have valuable customer data spread across different systems that don’t necessarily “speak” to one another. Some of your customer data might be in Excel®; some of it might be in an old DOS database, some of it might be in a file cabinet, and a lot of it might be “in your head” or someone else’s. Not good.

This makes it difficult for your operations personnel and account managers to track order information, which can lead to mistakes in the field, sales errors, and other customer-relationship gaffes. If you transport and dispose of hazardous and/or non-hazardous regulated waste, It’s also a time-consuming and very inefficient way to track and report the EPA documentation that’s required of you—and your customers—under penalty of law.


What’s the solution?

In virtually any business beyond a certain size, continued growth demands a modern computerized customer relationship management (CRM) system to integrate and automate sales, marketing, and customer data. For all practical purposes, it’s the only way to efficiently and effectively maintain client relationships, ensure customer retention, and grow sales.

A CRM tool achieves all this by automatically compiling data across a wide range of communication inputs. E.g. your telephone, email, and website contacts; information entered by your account managers; field data from your boots-on-the-ground workers; and more.


Choose a CRM system made exclusively for the environmental services and waste management industry.

Designed and built by waste management experts who are in the business of hazardous and non-hazardous regulated waste disposal themselves, the PegEx Platform is a complete business management software solution with a powerful CRM that effectively consolidates all your customer data, eliminating duplicate and ambiguous data entries, while providing a real time panoramic view across all your sales and operational activities.

Along with providing seamless communication among your sales and operational employees, it also allows you to automate your sales and reporting processes, thereby eliminating most sources of operational error. And you’ll be able to see exactly how you spend money on an account-by-account basis, enabling you to calculate your margins more accurately.


The PegEx Platform makes this very easy for you—and even easier for your customers.

Automating your customer-service processes virtually guarantees better customer service, faster response times, and increased customer satisfaction.

For example, because your telephone CSRs will have the universe of information available to them on a single screen, they can provide superior support when customers call, whether with a simple question to be answered or a complex issue to be solved.

Your telephone CSRs needn’t call drivers, or contact managers, or “talk to accounting,” and then get back to your customers hours or days later. They will have the information they need at their fingertips for supporting your customers quickly and conveniently.


Other benefits of the PegEx Platform include:

  • Customers can order new services from you online with only a few clicks.
  • Order confirmations and invoices can be sent to customers with automated email, as can notifications of price changes, holiday pickup delays, and overdue bills.
  • Customers can view and pay their invoices online.
  • Your customers can send messages directly to their account manager.
  • Your customers can store and retrieve regulatory documents including waste profiles and manifests.

You need a CRM system built specifically for environmental services and waste management companies

There’s often little difference between the quality of goods or services offered by high-growth companies versus those whose growth is languishing. Instead, significant differences are found in the quality of customer relations (e.g. order-handling, status reports, communications, online invoicing, troubleshooting-response times, etc.). It’s no different for a waste management company. You need a high-quality CRM and business management software system built specially to meet the demands and workflow of your business.

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