The purpose of the EPA’s hazardous waste manifest system is to track hazardous waste from the moment it leaves the generator’s facility until it reaches the waste management facility. From there, the waste is stored, treated or disposed of.

The central component of the tracking system is the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest. The EPA and the Department of Transportation require this form for all generators who transport, or offer for transport, hazardous waste to off-site waste management facilities. By law, an appropriate waste manifest must accompany every shipment of hazardous waste material.

Manifest generation software helps environmental services companies generate documentation in the most efficient manner to satisfy EPA regulations. This software also offers a wide range of collateral benefits.

Manifest Software Design Highlights

Waste manifest software typically resides within a more comprehensive waste management software platform which includes operations management features. In this suite of tools, the manifest software is accessible online, and for cloud-based versions, users can create a manifest from any Internet-connected computer.

From a central dashboard, all the fields required in a waste manifest appear on-screen so they can be easily completed. The fields include:

  • Type of manifest
  • Generator ID number
  • Emergency response phone number
  • Waste tracking number
  • Generator account
  • Generator mailing location
  • Transporter account
  • Transporter location
  • Designated facility account
  • Waste streams
  • Waste codes
  • Special handling instructions

Waste Manifest Software Advantage 1: Accuracy

Being a regulated document, the waste manifest must not contain any omissions or errors. Digital manifest generation helps ensure no critical form fields are left blank or incorrectly completed.

Waste Manifest Software Advantage 2: Speed

The speed at which a waste manifest is created impacts workflow and resource use. For example, once the software is running, companies can compile a log of transporters and facilities. Instead of having to type these in manually, a dropdown menu allows for faster completion.

Waste Manifest Software Advantage 3: e-Manifests

The EPA requires that all waste manifests be submitted to the agency. When completed manually, this process is time consuming and costly. By directly forwarding e-Manifests to the EPA RCRAInfo Portal, manifest submission is streamlined and centralized. This is another convenient function of waste manifest software.

Hazardous Waste Audit Preparation

Although nobody wants to be subject to an audit, every waste firm should be prepared for such an event. An audit may ask for documentation that a company has been shipping generated waste correctly and within the timeframe required by the EPA generator status. For example, large quantity generators must ship out their hazardous waste every ninety days. With waste management automation software, all manifests are stored and saved for easy retrieval, review, and presentation.

Digital document preparation and storage, therefore, improves the company’s performance at every level, including in the event of an EPA audit.

Beyond Manifest Software is Management Software

Manifest software is a powerful and valuable tool to have in any waste industry company’s operational arsenal. However, this is just a single element of a broader business management software which benefits an entire enterprise in a similar manner. These platforms allow for a central command over a wide variety of waste business management tasks, such as:

  • Sales Management – Orchestrates sales team activity and job statuses. It can even quickly build quotes online.
  • Customer Management – Coordinates customer relationships at multiple touch-points and gives customers the ability to order new services and pay invoices securely online.
  • Finance Tracking – Connects with accounting platforms to minimize redundancy and receive invoice payments.
  • Operations Management – see below

Operations Management Software Tools

In the operations management arm of business management software, the manifest software lives side-by-side with other useful solutions designed to improve and secure operational tasks. Some examples of other operational tools are:

  • Digital Document Library – Digital document software provides instant and secure access to all job-critical documents, such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS), waste profiles, EPA ID number application, permits, quotes, licenses, contracts, work orders, certificate of destruction, proof of destruction videos and waste manifests. This also provides the necessary support for biennial EPA report creation and audit preparation.
  • Operations Job Tracking – Allows companies to track, in real time, the entire service life cycle. An excellent way to increase trust and transparency with customers.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Like the waste manifest, all regulatory documents can be completed accurately, archived and accessed quickly (e.g. OSHA required Emergency Action Plan documentation).
  • Waste Profile Builder – The creation of waste profiles can also be automated and profiles easily downloaded for printing. Learn more by reading our blog post on waste profile software.

Cloud Advantage

In the past, software solutions like the ones mentioned above required the installation of servers, software and hardware on-premise. Now, with cloud computing, business management platforms for waste management companies can be accessed from any Internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone. This dramatically decreases the time it takes to get systems up and running, and the initial capital expenditure is reduced as well.

Another advantage of cloud based services is that updates and fixes are taken care of by the service provider. This keeps the platform relevant at all times with near zero downtime. Finally, mobile teams can also access the platforms via their smartphones to improve work agility and access.

Waste Industry Transformation

The reality is that waste manifest software is just a small part of an overall waste industry transformation. Like every other sector, modern technology offers forward thinking companies extra leverage to work faster, smarter and gain greater market share.

One important caveat is that not all software service companies are equal. Although the SaaS industry has expanded exponentially, not all providers have hands on environmental services experience. Therefore, their software and staff experience might be inadequate to handle the specific demands of a waste services provider.

The best strategy is to seek solutions that offer a two-pronged response. On one hand, technical expertise that helps streamline business management tasks – on the other, waste management experience that makes certain the software precisely meets the needs of environmental service enterprises.

Are you looking for modern and efficient waste manifest software as well as easy to use cloud-based tools to manage your entire waste service business to make it more efficient and profitable? If yes, ramp up your company to the speed of digital with the PegEx Platform.

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