Hazardous waste software is a modern technology solution used by waste management companies to streamline their operations and improve business outcomes. Many tasks previously done manually can now be automated, thus saving precious time and resources.

Recognizing these advantages, a number of leading hazardous waste transportation companies have adopted this kind of software which also opens up new revenue opportunities. Let’s take a look at the details, and how they might apply to your situation.

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)

In the past, implementing new computer or technological solutions implied major installations and upgrades. Today, thanks to modern connectivity (cloud computing) and improved digital engineering, waste management companies can roll out platforms much faster and with far less up-front expenditure. The service model has become the standard, and it is referred to as software-as-a-service (SaaS). The ease by which these solutions are implemented is truly incredible. Systems can be accessed from any computer, even those far away from the office.

Due to its proven advantages, SaaS has extended into every sector and has redefined how business gets done today. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2021, the global SaaS industry will grow to a total of over $113 billion.

Respond To Basic Business Needs

All companies, including waste management firms, desire to form stronger bonds with their customers and constituents. Companies also want to simplify business processes. This is precisely how hazardous management waste software works. However, since it’s a technological solution, some firms hesitate, thinking it will only make matters more complex. Ironically, the same people have no problem relying on modern tech to let them push the Netflix button on their remote or send a smartphone text.

No business solution, technological or otherwise, grows to $113 billion by making life harder for anyone. So, let’s take a closer look now at the concrete benefits provided by these powerful software platforms.

Streamline Time Consuming Tasks

For any hazardous waste transportation company, there are any number of tasks that occur repeatedly and consume resources. For instance, the preparation of documents, such as waste manifests and waste profiles, occur every day. Here, hazardous waste software provides a clear benefit.

Online documentation tools can decrease the time to generate a waste manifest or waste profile by up to 30 percent compared to manual or Excel based methods. This works through automation. For example, waste manifests must be prepared for any number of facilities and clients. Entering each individual name manually takes time. With software tools, however, a drop-down menu lets users add names with a click.

Furthermore, waste management forms can be complex which makes training new personnel on form completion time consuming. Digital methods make on-boarding easier since many of the steps are automated.

Reduces Risk

In any regulated industry, improved document accuracy minimizes risk. Hazardous waste management software helps make sure forms include all relevant fields to be completed. This can be especially useful in waste profile generation which requires detailed waste characteristics. Since there is no universal waste profile format, certain fields might end up missing or incomplete. This could lead to the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDF) rejecting the shipment, or you may encounter EPA compliance issues.

Centralized Data Repository

Another key benefit to hazardous waste software is that it houses all important documentation in one place. If you ever need to retrieve a form, as in the case of an EPA audit, everything is archived for easy access. Or if a manifest or other documentation gets lost by a client, you can reproduce, print and send the document again in seconds.

Improved Customer Management

Every waste management firm must deal with partners that generate hazardous waste and then call your company to collect, transport, and dispose of the waste according to local, state, and federal (EPA) regulations. In addition to critical documentation for these partners, hazardous waste software offers powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools as well.

For example, you can have all your customer data in one place where you view and analyze trends. Where are you engaging with them? How can you improve communication and customer retention? Also, customer portals can be set up where new orders can be placed, and invoices can be paid online.

By extending customer contact out to the periphery, your company enables more fluid and rapid communications. Plus, your employees are free to focus on more meaningful tasks or take care of critical problems without getting behind in their workflow.

Increased Sales Performance

Up until now, we’ve explored operational and customer service improvements made possible by hazardous waste management software. One of the reasons these SaaS platforms are so popular, however, is that the advantages can extend into nearly any aspect of your business.

For example, from the sales dashboard teams can:

  • View and monitor real-time updates of all business-critical functions
  • Visualize current sales opportunities and status
  • Access sales management tools
  • Get notified in real-time about job status updates

Another business growth advantage featured in the hazardous waste platform is the quote builder. In a manner similar to generating waste profiles and manifests, quotes can be prepared faster with the software which keeps your company ahead of the competition. Besides making the waste services provider operations smoother, hazardous waste software can be a significant factor towards real revenue growth as well.

The Essence of Business Transformation

Deep down, many business leaders fear the term business transformation. However, this is mostly due to misunderstanding. They imagine that business transformation means loss of control or overwhelming complexity. The reality is that it means is doing business better. If you used to haul waste by horse-drawn carriage, and a truck vendor came along, would you run away in fear?

Hazardous waste management software can do wonders for any environmental services provider business. A summary of the benefits looks like this:

  • Streamlines processes
  • Resource savings
  • Risk reduction
  • Improved sales processes
  • Increased revenue streams

When put into these familiar terms, it becomes obvious why the SaaS industry has been so fantastically successful — because it makes good companies great.

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