The Amazing Dogs of PegEx®

PegEx is a dog-friendly Madison tech company where our employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work.


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Bertie the puppy enjoying her first day at work.

Dave back when he was a puppy.
Now he is 230 lbs!
Listen kid, the secret to getting treats and a good head and butt scratching is to walk around the office making sad eyes at the women. Works every time.
Listen kid, the secret to getting treats and a good head and butt scratching is to walk around the office making sad eyes at the women. Works every time.
Here I am being a good girl on my bed and now I’m told I have to babysit the new pup. Why do I always get stuck with babysitting duty? You know this is going to cost you 2 extra treats.
Hey! Look! I got a buzz cut. Now I’m bad ass! Mom said I can get a tattoo too. Yep, that’s how I roll baby.
Sigh… why doesn’t Dave look at me? I wore my pretty collar, I took a bath, I had my nails done and everything. DAVE LOOK AT ME!!!
I warned you kid. If you chew on the CFO’s calculator you’re going to get time in the can. I’ll see if I can sneak you some hooch later.
Just look at you pup! Two sips of prison hooch and you’re plastered!
Sleep it off kid. Sleep it off.
Yep, I’ll work for treats… and cash under the table.
Dunkin learning the finer points of graphic design.
Dunkin working on a new design and layout for our website.
Dave wearing his favorite lion costume. Dave is a 230 lb English Mastiff and as big as a lion.
Mookie showing his Green Bay Packers pride!
Lilly chewing on Dave’s cow bone.
Chester sleeping on the job after a 3 martini lunch.
Mookie showing his Green Bay Packers pride!
Copper trying to get his expense report approved.
Remi trying to figure out how to get the guinea pig out of the protective plastic ball.
Winnie getting a little too touchy-feely… going to have to talk with HR again.
Lilly trying to show Dave who’s boss.
Using our digital ecosystem, Mookie and I have developed a new algorithm that integrates with AI and machine learning to optimize our blockchain sequence to… Just kidding. Got any treats?
Copper supplying lumbar support.
Mookie being questioned about an episode with the garbage and Mookie stating he would like to have his attorney present.
Lilly explaining that she just beat up Dave and you’re next Winnie. I’m alpha puppy.
Will this day never end? I think the clock is broken. It feels like 5:00.
I love you Dave. I love you too Lilly… but if you bite my nose one more time you’ll be lunch today.
Almost got away with stealing that can of soda. So close…
This is the line for treats and beer, right?
I have a great idea. Let’s try to pull apart this rope toy and growl like crazy and create office chaos. Brilliant!
I wonder whatever happened to Steve from accounting? Last time I remember seeing him, he took Mookie for a walk. Mookie, where did that bone come from… and have you gained weight?
No Dave, Riley is not a squeaky toy!
Hey! You’re on the clock Arthur. Wake up and get back to coding.
My name is Dunkin. I got that name from my cellmate when I was doing time upstate for robbing a Dunkin Donuts shop.
Riley and Dunkin face off. It’s Clash of the Titans!
Dave getting a time-out after our CFO found out he used the corporate credit card to purchase 3.5 tons of steak-flavored dog treats.
Where’s your bottle of whiskey? After the day I’ve had I need a shot.
Lilly on ice is delicious this time of year.
Scratch my belly and maybe I’ll tell you where I buried the payroll checks…. maybe
Resistance is futile! You must pet us! Ooo, yeah, that’s the good spot. Oh no, now my leg is twitching like I’m trying to kick start a motorcycle.
Break me out of jail and I’ll show you where they hide the good treats.
We need to go outside now! Our eyes are floating!
If you’re wondering what stinks, the cat let one fly. (But we don’t have a cat here). Oh yeah right… ahh… I still think it was the cat.
As soon as the CEO leaves the building… nap time! Slackers.
Mookie faking he is sleeping so he doesn’t has to help clean the office.