Deep Dive into the PegEx Platform

Hazardous Waste Management Software

The videos below take a deep dive into the functionality and benefits of the PegEx Platform.

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Bridging the Digital Gap

In this video, Eric Apfelbach, CEO of PegEx, Inc., explains how the PegEx Platform helps waste management companies bridge the digital gap, improve their operational efficiency, and reduce their exposure to risks associated with compliance issues with state and federal agencies. He explains the many advantages of using a cloud-based platform and how digitizing and centralizing your data can give companies a competitive advantage.

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Risk Mitigation

In this video Jared Linden, Director of Product Management for PegEx, explains how the PegEx Platform helps waste management companies mitigate risk.

The waste management industry is highly regulated, and because of this, companies are constantly under the scrutiny of state and federal agencies, and the risk of receiving costly fines for improper waste management is high. Jared explains the details behind several aspects of the PegEx Platform that help guard against and reduce the exposure to these financial risks.

Moving from Paper to Digital

In this video David DiPasquale, CRO of PegEx, discusses the meetings he had with waste industry experts at the NORA 2019 conference. There were many questions and concerns about moving their businesses from paper-based systems to a fully digital system. David was able to give examples of how the PegEx Platform makes this transition easy.

Document Builder

The PegEx Platform, hazardous waste management software, has a feature called Document Builder. The Document Builder transforms the paper workflow into a digital workflow for hazardous waste management firms. The Document Builder can automate and streamline the document creation of all the documents critical to day-to-day operations: manifests, waste profiles, HazMat labels, quotes, work orders, and more.

Sales Team Management

In this video Dan Chamberlin, VP of Sales, discusses how he uses PegEx Platform Hazardous Waste Software to manage his national sales team.