Across every industry, digital solutions have created a landscape of haves and have-nots. Many industry giants failed to keep pace with the change and were eventually left behind. In the waste industry, the same pattern has emerged, and the driving forces are customer response speed and customer convenience. This deeply affects a company’s overall branding strategy, which in turn directly impacts a company’s bottom line.

How are environmental service leaders leveraging new customer service methods to win greater market share? Let’s find out.

Global Technology Trends

The Internet, cloud computing, big data, and increased computational power have created a society that demands instant gratification. For better or worse, we expect an immediate response to our service requests. In the consumer sector, the impact is especially evident with streaming video, overnight delivery and highly personalized marketing experiences.

Given the large amount of data involved in retail and media, AI and machine learning have quickly become required tools rather than optional luxuries. For the waste industry, customer interaction has also been upgraded by technology, which directly improves business metrics. Even changes to basic functions have made a significant impact.

Branding Is Not A Logo. It’s Great Customer Service.

When a waste company receives a new service inquiry, preparing a quote is time consuming, both in terms of preparation and delivery. While the prospect may be shopping around, the company that delivers the fastest quote gains a competitive edge. Online waste disposal quote builders, powered by waste management software, can create this advantage.

It is often the case that a potential customer will accept the first quote they receive because they want to move forward quickly. Even if a competitor sends a lower quote later, they may not win the business. The reasoning behind why first quotes win is twofold. Firstly, many people simply want to stick to their word. If they agreed to a contract, they will honor it. Some may not even look at subsequent offers since they’ve already moved ahead and accepted the first quote they received.

The other factor is brand image. When a quality, detailed quote reaches a lead quickly, it speaks volumes about the company. Who doesn’t want to hire a company that is efficient, thorough, and caters to your needs in a timely manner?

At comparable prices, superior service and favorable brand image win every time. Even when their fees are higher, some companies still win business based on these principles. Apple iPhones are very expensive compared to comparable and even superior Android phones, but many consider Apple’s products to be the best. Any brand’s long term growth is usually based on solid business principles expressed in real-world interactions with customers.

Back-office Benefit

It’s no secret that digital tools are time savers. If we take the quote building tool example, a digital solution conserves employee resources by standardizing and automating the process. This benefit includes converting more leads into clients since the quote gets to the client faster than the quotes of competitors.

Beyond just quote preparation, the best waste management software platforms feature an entire suite of tools to empower sales teams. These resources may include:

  • Real-time updates of business critical functions
  • Sales opportunities in a dashboard view
  • Sales team management tools
  • Live job status updates

First Touchpoint to Retention

When engaging a prospect, the first impression is critical. In the digital age, reliance on past reputation, long standing market presence, and outdated practices is doomed to fail. A great price quote is extremely important, and it should reflect the best is yet to come.

For waste industry companies, service is everything. The quality of your service is what separates you from your competitors. Still, service goes beyond just waste removal. Every interaction with the client, from invoicing to troubleshooting to regulatory documentation should be as convenient as possible. A professional, efficient company that satisfies customers every step of the way enjoys higher retention rates, and therefor, higher profitability.

Again, the benefits of digital solutions include less administrative resource expenditure as tasks get done faster and with less manpower.

Your Brand Is Your Universe

A big misconception about branding is that it’s just logos, colors and slogans. However, truly effective branding means an exceptional experience with all your constituents. This means any interaction with customers, employees, treatment and disposal centers, resource providers, regulatory agencies, the media, local government, and other third parties.

A brand is a lived message and perceived user experience. It may say, “We’re sloppy and haphazard.” Or it may say, “We are modern, organized, efficient and customer service minded.” When the action and message align well, it inevitably translates into business success. A waste industry leadership company will transmit this same message to all its constituents, both inside and outside the organization. Plus, it will seek tools that enable it to live up to its principles and provide a competitive advantage.

Finding The Right Tools

When evaluating digital tools to improve service, it’s imperative that the process remain highly selective. For instance, environmental service companies may choose to implement a CRM platform to streamline quote building, customer service, and a wide variety of operational tasks.

The CRM industry is enormous, and the number of choices is staggering. However, very few cater to the specific needs of the waste industry. There are some that clearly understand the needs of environmental service providers as they may have their business roots in the industry. Later, some of these companies branched out into offering technological solutions for companies in the sector. This blend of industry experience and technological expertise produces waste management software tools specifically built for waste service companies to deliver on their brand promise.


It’s clearly evident that the tech explosion has created a gap in service quality and speed that waste industry companies can offer. The true concept of branding has not been embraced at an industry wide level, however, the digital tools now available highlight this distinction even more.

Now, technological solutions exist that level the playing field, and early adopters will gain an advantage thus capturing more market share. From there, the smart leaders will continue to strengthen their brand, skillfully keep abreast of relevant new tools and solidify their business position into the future.

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