Any company in the waste management industry would be thrilled to increase their sales close percentage by 20%, right? How about boosting top line revenue by the same amount? Show of hands? Unanimous for sure.

If these positive business benefits appear when you implement business process automation software, why do reasonable business people suddenly get nervous about it? Maybe it’s because they don’t know exactly what business process automation entails. So let’s learn more.

Defining Business Process Automation

Business process automation is the use of computer based tools to automate business processes. Business process automation can accelerate, improve, and streamline any number of activities, such as sales, operations, customer management, finances, and more. In short, business process automation optimizes resources and increases revenue. The business process automation industry has been growing quickly, and it’s projected to continue due to high demand.

It might sound complicated to those unfamiliar with these tools. Still, the reality is that it makes life much simpler for any waste management company. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Close Deals Faster

For companies that rely on Microsoft Word, Excel, or other basic document preparation tools, getting a quote to a potential customer takes time. If it’s a paper-based process, it takes even longer.

With business process automation offered by software like the PegEx Platform, everything is faster. For instance, a lot of the data can be pre-loaded into the system, so with just a few clicks, your quote is ready to send. You can send it to your customer by email, or you can print the quote. Companies that get quotes out to prospects faster land more jobs; it’s that simple. In fact, many see improved closing rates of up to 20% with software automation. Speed is a competitive advantage

Waste Management Document Preparation

Every environmental company manager knows that waste streams, profiles, manifests, and other documents can be complicated to fill out. Also, the time spent on document tasks absorbs a lot of your employees’ time which could be better spent elsewhere.

A business process automation platform streamlines form completion. Let’s use Google Search as an illustration. When you search for things on Google, the search engine will automatically show a list of options to complete your search. When you see the one you want, you just click it.

Business automation does the same thing but with your company data. Now, when your staff fills out a form, it’s all online. In the space where an address needs to be typed, for instance, a list of options drops down. One click and the form field is populated. The same thing is done for most fields, which accelerates form completion speed dramatically.

Documents To Be Managed

Literally, any form can be loaded into the system, even custom forms for special clients. Plus, your company letterhead can be added to any document automatically. Here’s a partial list of the documents that can be generated with business automation software.

  • SDS
  • Waste profiles
  • Manifests (includes direct link to e-Manifest system)
  • EPA ID number
  • Applications
  • Permits
  • Quotes
  • Licenses
  • Contracts
  • Work orders
  • Certificate of destruction

With all the documentation stored in one place, special situations, such as audits or biennial report preparation, are handled much faster. There’s no more scrambling around looking for the information as it’s all housed securely in the cloud.

Improve Compliance and Avoid Penalties

Given the robust regulation in the waste industry, document preparation is subject to strict guidelines. For some agencies, if writing or text is found outside of the form field, the company can get fined. Even more important is data accuracy. All of these risks are reduced with automated form completion tools. Typos and writing ‘outside the lines’ are essentially eliminated.

Onboard New Hires Faster

Business process automation also makes training new employees much faster. When they learn to fill out a form, there’s less risk that incorrect information will be entered since the options are pre-loaded into the program.

Centralized Access to Client Account Data

Even if your company uses computers for client account data, the information can get lost in a maze of files saved on the hard drive. With business process automation everything is easy to access and all in one place. Waste streams, profiles, manifests, and any other important forms are all saved under the same client account, and it’s automatically sorted. You just click on it, and the form appears immediately.

Customer Management and Tracking

One of the biggest advantages to business process automation is in customer management. Some companies don’t even consider this – until they begin to lose clients. To improve retention rates, up-to-date and consolidated customer data is critical.

Some tasks that can be accomplished quickly online are:

  • Customers can order new service
  • Customers and Account Managers can track Job progress
  • Business-critical and regulatory documents can be shared
  • Customers can view and pay invoices securely online
  • Customers can communicate directly with account managers

From pipeline to funnel management to forecasting, customer tracking improves significantly with modern business software.

Breaking Down Silos

In many companies, the lack of information sharing across teams leads to inefficiencies and redundancies, such as when only certain computers have access to data. Since business automation software is completely online, the entire database can be accessed from any authorized user on any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

Plus, if anyone updates data, it gets updated system-wide. This means the current version of any document is shared instantly.

More Secure

By storing everything in an online computing cloud, document security is also improved. Even in the event of a major accident or natural disaster, all the data can be retrieved later. Plus, would-be hackers are thwarted since the system is protected by secure data encryption.

Made By Waste Industry Experts

One of the biggest worries waste companies have about implementing business automation software is that it won’t fit their business. This concern is valid as many software providers offer generic platforms, and one size does not fit all.

That’s why it’s essential to go with a business process automation provider who knows the waste industry inside and out. PegEx is a waste industry company first and foremost, but it’s a tech brand as well. This unique combination allows us to create business automation tools that work extremely with features designed specifically for the waste management sector.

Isn’t it time your company moved up to the speed of digital and started using powerful waste business process automation?

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