The PegEx® Platform is hazardous waste management software that helps you increase revenue, mitigate risk, and improve productivity across your waste management business.

Built for the waste industry by technology and waste industry experts.

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition with PegEx

Risk Mitigation

Avoid EPA fees and fines due to error-prone tasks

Eliminate human error by securely digitizing your business

Stop losing or misplacing documents

Operational Efficiency

Modernize to digital workflows from paper-based

Save valuable time by automating the creation of profiles, manifests and other documents

Gain instant access to all critical documentation

Scalable Growth

Increase revenues with greater sales conversations and stronger client relationships

Quickly generate new documents as regulations change

Seamlessly integrate all technical data across your operation

Now that our company utilizes the PegEx Platform, our sales and operations workflows run faster and smoother. The platform allows our sales team to accurately and efficiently manage leads, sales, revenues, and communications. We miss fewer opportunities and close more deals by having a platform to hold our reps accountable.

 – Medical Waste Management, Inc.  

“I love how easy it is to use and the ability to sort opportunities and organize my dashboard the way I want.”

 – Lynn, Operations Coordinator

“As an Inbound Sales Representative I can complete the qualification of an Opportunity in half the time that is used to take using Salesforce. It has an excellent feature for keeping track of tasks. The PegEx Platform has a very seamless transition from the Opportunity script to creation of Opportunity, with Account profile, Contacts and Location cards.”

 – Teddy, Inbound Sales Rep

“I manage 250+ projects each month, the PegEx platform allows me to easily see the most recent status of any project at any time, without needing to bother our employees for an update. Running reports on all the projects during a specific time period also gives a great overall understanding of the instantaneous and current workload on my employees.

 – Tyler, Operations Manager

“In one word: efficiency. One, but not the only, specific feature that PegEx has launched is their calendar view that integrates directly with the tasks that I am assigned or assign myself. This makes it so much easier to plan my week and make sure that I don’t overload myself on any particular day. Amazing feature!

 – Jordan, Regional Sales Director

Overall, the PegEx Platform has increased our sales numbers by 24%. We fully plan to increase that number by using the platform for years to come. 

 – Nick Killebrew, Director of Sales & Marketing

“I love the new features that have been added, the OP number in the tab is great add-on to the Opportunities section. Also love, the addition of the document, general, and service request tabs with the additional fields. Overall Pretty darn great.”

 – Amy, Operations Coordinator

“I love the quick use and flexibility of the Dashboard; Pipeline Management, Sales Accountability, Sales Forecasting, Task Management and overall customer support. It’s been a very useful tool in managing and growing our new and repeat sales, thus allowing us to grow our business. It’s allowed us to stay in contact with our customers, meet their expected deadlines and provide exceptional customer service. Overall, the best CRM Tool I have used in my 28-year career.”

 – Dan, VP of Sales

“Ease of use …. So many of the Software programs out there take weeks/months to become familiar and proficient with… Not the Platform! It took no time to learn to navigate it, and working with it was as comfortable as an old pair of slippers… A practical, simple, yet powerful program.”

 – Nikki, Outbound Sales Specialist

“It’s been exciting to watch the PegEx platform grow. When the platform launched it immediately improved my efficiency and, yet, they still keep adding helpful features and improving the features that are already launched. The support staff is very responsive and open to our requests.”

 – Jordan, Regional Sales Director

“The automated form creation is crucial to a streamlined workflow. There is no reason to enter data more than once.”

 – Tyler, Operations Manager

“The PegEx Platform has been a God-send! It checks off many boxes all in one shot – efficiency, versatility, user-friendliness and reliability.”

 – Teddy, Inbound Sales Rep

“I wanted to send a note to say that the SDS Integration is a true home run. The tool is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and the library we’ve partnered with has even the most obscure SDS. This tool makes my job a heck of a lot easier and I appreciate the effort that went into this!”

– Jonathan, Regional Sales Director

“I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into the MSDS search function on our platform. It is really cool and functional. I was playing around with it yesterday and it really works well! Thank you for making my life, and hopefully our client’s, easier! Well done!”

– Colin, Regional Account Manager

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