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Any Waste Any Place

Fast. Compliant. Turnkey.
Hazardous Waste Disposal

PEGEX is your one-stop solution for
hazardous waste removal

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Hazardous Waste Removal Fast Quote No Obligation

FAST QUOTE, No Obligation

The first person you speak with is always ready to answer your questions and handle all of your needs. Our proprietary quote engine allows us to provide timely and accurate quotes faster than any other company in the industry.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Compliant Service

Compliant Service

Our knowledge base will help ensure you stay compliant.  We only use the vendors who pass our rigorous screening process.  Our knowledge base is constantly being updated with the most current EPA & DOT regulations.

Hazardous Waste Turnkey Service

turnkey service

Our proprietary platform allows us to be your one stop solution for all your waste needs.  We will save you valuable time while minimizing your risk and exposure.

Hazardous Waste Nationwide Services

Nationwide services

We can handle your hazardous waste transportation and disposal challenges anywhere in the United States. Our highly qualified, trained and certified technicians are on call to react to your needs – wherever you are.

Our Platform

PegEx has done over 10,000 projects and is the only platform designed to take the mystery out of hazardous waste disposal. Our proprietary technology offers a turnkey solution to generators, haulers and disposal sites and we are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the cradle-to-grave responsibilities of hazardous waste removal.

If you generate hazardous waste in your business, you are responsible from the moment it is generated to its final disposal. PegEx takes the stress out of hazardous waste removal by answering the hard questions:

  • How do I know all of the regulations?
  • What is the process for packaging, transportation, and disposal?
  • Who do I call?
  • What does it cost?
  • What is my liability?

PegEx is the only platform to eliminate this complex risk and offer a turnkey solution to generators, haulers and disposal sites.

Pegex Hazardous Waste Disposal Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Nationwide Hazardous Waste Free To Use AppFree to use
Our free apps are for both vendor and customer portals.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Ease Of Use AppsLocation Services
Real time tracking for your waste pickup.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Ease Of Use AppsJob Management
Mobile solution for vendors and customers manage their
projects together.

Pegex Hazardous Waste DIsposal Available AnytimeAvailable anytime, anywhere
Mobile access to all key information wherever you are.

Hazardous Waste Nationwide ServicesGo live in Q2 2017

Our Team Of Experts

Most companies claim to be experts, but at PegEx we are in fact experts in hazardous waste removal and disposal. Our technicians have an average of over 20 years career experience in finding solutions for regulated waste. Our industry experts are complimented by our proprietary knowledge based platform. All of this means that we will make sure your waste is handled in compliance with federal and local regulations while finding you the most efficient means of service for your needs. Any waste, any place.

Hear It From Our Clients

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